A lifelong enchantment with the natural world, a fascination with the herb lore and bits of knowledge of plants and mushrooms passed down to me by my grandmother, as well as my own struggles with chronic illness have led me to herbalism and sustained me in my pursuit.

I began my studies of herbalism in 2010 at Farmacy Herbs Community Health and Education Center in Providence, RI, where I was an intern over the course of a spring and summer. I have since completed the Holistic Program at The Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine in Asheville, NC, and recently, the Clinical Program at Sacred Plant Traditions in Charlottesville, VA. I have also studied briefly with Suki Roth in NC, and taken correspondence courses with Rosemary Gladstar and Lisa Ganora, along with years of eager self study in between my more formal pursuits.

I have come to see individual, community, and ecosystem health as deeply interwoven. To me, herbal medicine isn’t just about striving for individual health, but about assuming our place as parts of a whole. My health philosophy is one of reconnection– honoring one’s own vulnerable and resilient corporeality and interconnectedness with life on earth. I also believe that individual health is inextricable from the effects of structural oppression and environmental destruction, and I strive for my work to be informed by a social justice lens.

I am educated in and practice Western Herbalism. I come from a first generation Russian immigrant family and am deeply curious and inspired by herbal traditions in my own heritage, while also trying to be in in a relationship of respect and reciprocity with this land– which is traditional Monacan territory–with its rich medicinal and botanical heritage.

—  Olga